At the Manchester Quarry with Friends

Quarry Jumping with Friends
The story behind these pictures.   Look at the top 2 pictures;  the man on the left is my friend and Pastor, Bryan Lamberton, from Berkshire First Church of the Nazarene in Dalton, MA. The man on the right is Bob Robinson, a friend since 5th grade, and companion on innumerable adventures.
We took a motorcycle ride to the same quarry in South Dorset, Vermont where Mary and I had gone as part of our anniversary. We had fantastic weather and a great time in general. Next time, bungee jumping in NY state!

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"Will Bob never find his lucky rabbits foot?!"
"Just take the picture and let's GO!"

pastorjump.jpg (23700 bytes)
bobjump.jpg (22130 bytes)
"How come they always make ME go first?!"
It's a longer jump than it looks!

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"I wonder if it's too late to change my mind?"
"I hope Bob puts his legs together before he hits the water!"

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"Hey! Where's the third Mouse-ka-teer?!"
All for one, one for all!