Our Pets

Our Pets

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"I can hardly walk never mind drag this stupid rope"
"I'm having SUCH a bad hair day"

Our Pets
This is one of the latest Nugget pictures, doing what she is almost always doing. The procedure is: Go into the woods and get a stick, bring the stick to the front lawn and chew it up, go back to the woods for another stick, etc., etc.
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"We're so cute I can hardly stand it."
"I'll take the first watch, you sleep"

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Our Pets
"Baby Nugget comes home from Rhode Island breeder"
Unlike many women, Nugget travels light: she has her purse, and is ready to go.

Our Pets
Our Pets

Thanks to a suggestion from Mark, Nugget is now having a much easier time of eating. She used to occasionally get food caught in her throat, but with this elevated feeding station the problem has been eliminated.

I measured her front legs from the chest down, and made the "table" at that height. A scroll saw to cut out the openings for two stainless bowls from Petco, and we were in business. I used scrap wood and leftover stain / polyurethane, and paid about $12 for the two bowls. A commerical one was $30, so I saved about $18!

Great idea, Mark!

It seems to be a fairly common thing for Golden Retrievers to have a stuffed animal for a toy, and Nugget is no exception. The first thing she does - ALWAYS - is bite off the nose and remove the stuffing.

The first one we got her was actually a bunny so now we call them ALL bunnies to simplify things. We'll tell her to "go get your bunny" and she always knows where it is, and brings it back to us.

Our Pets
Nugget passed away in the early summer of 2004. We thought at first that she would be our last pet, but the house felt SO empty. I adopted 1 year old Midnight from the Berkshire Humane Society within about 1 month of her passing and he's proven to be an exceptional addition to our family. He enjoyes a morning read on the porch as much as I do!