USS Enterprise Pictures

Mary and I are both pleased for him that Mark has had the Enterprise experience, but even more pleased that it's now over. He reenlisted during the 9-11 situation, and a month or two later was sent to shore duty in Chesapeake, VA for two years with an option for a third.

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"This boat will NOT fit on Cheshire Lake!
"The Big E" - CVN65

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The little one isn't an Admiral, but IS in charge
$60,000 life rafts - there ARE more than enough!

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"I think I've taken a wrong turn. Where in the world is the runway?!"
1 gone, (in red circle), 2 to go

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"Ya gotta be careful to not trip over that cable, Dad."
Home Sweet Home

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"I can never remember if this lever launches a torpedo, or turns on the heat"
More stuff can be baked in these than you can imagine

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"There's nothing that says lovin' like somethin' from the oven."
You haven't seen pots unless you've seen NAVY pots